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The Gold Coast has a unique opportunity to show the world what first class city looks like

Behind their marketing campaign lies an ugly truth: With new public transport infrastructure the City Plan can change, allowing potentially no height restrictions (HX area) for new development application within zoning areas. This will open the floodgates for developers of high rises everywhere on the Southern Gold Coast. The ugly concrete canyon created by the light rail along the GC Highway will extend south from Surfers Paradise all the way to Coolangatta. That means endless high rises beach front which will turn the Southern Gold Coast which already is a surfer’s dream into a continuation of Surfers Paradise. It is thought that this is one of the reason why this administration is determined to push ahead the stage 4 of the light rail.

Palm Beach
Palm Beach 39m limit
Broadbeach after light rail
Height limit – GCCC City Plan

Higher density is not just about finding a car spot, it has to do exponential populational growth which will disrupt public systems such as sewage, traffic control, education and attracting a cultural change that is not what the Gold Coast is about. With higher density, crime emerges, pollution, stress and mental health issues.

In the following video from 2018, Karen Rowles explains the process which can ultimately destroy what we love so much about the southern end of the Gold Coast.

A better option

Instead of pushing this calamity across the city we can encourage organic and sustainable growth, have the best of both worlds; Northern Gold Coast with high rises, shops, casinos and facilities and the Southern Gold Coast with pristine beaches and World Class surf.

Stay tuned for SOSGC further studies and updates.