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our lifestyle is being threatened!

High density can bring a cultural shift that can destroy the way of life as we have come to love.

The coastal lifestyle is at stake.

The Southern Gold Coast is the home of the 8th World Surfing Reserve established in 2016 and endorsed by the Queensland State Government and City of Gold Coast.

It covers the 16 kilometer stretch from Burleigh Heads to Snapper Rocks and all the beaches in between. This pristine stretch of the Gold Coast is world famous for the iconic Point breaks, World surfing champions and rich and colorful surf history and culture.

The local surfing community thrive on this special area and are concerned that this incredible strip of the Coast could be endangered and not properly protected and preserved for future generations.

The news of the light rail barreling down the Gold Coast highway and the social impact that it would bring has not been welcomed by the larger coastal community. It would mean more overcrowding and more overdevelopment to the surfing environment which is revered and respected as one of the best in the world. 

Surfing is a very localised lifestyle activity, and surfers are fiercely protective of their local breaks and renown for standing up for causes that directly affect them.

They do not see the need for such an impactful construction of a light rail that can change the charm and the character of the Southern Gold Coast which is so uniquely different to the Northern End of the Gold Coast.

Buses would be way preferable for travelling to the beach with families, boards, and surf gear compared to the inadequate storing space on a light rail that will only create further carnage to the environment and congestion to the local social amenity.

Tourism will suffer if we do not look after our natural assets and enhance our existing surroundings. 

Trams will not suffice compared to solar electric buses which are more practical and sustainable in an era of climate change. Local buses run regularly and could be improved on with modern style technology that is more in keeping with reducing our carbon footprint and maintaining the southern Gold Coast appeal. 

It begs the question, why the urgent need to spend billions on the light rail when there is the distinct possibility that the heavy rail will be eventually extended from Varsity Lakes to the Gold Coast Airport. The numbers do not justify the cost to the coastal community which will be damaging.

The light rail has the propensity to change the southern end of the Gold Coast, losing its charm forever, and it is that daunting prospect which presents such a huge worry for all concerned. 

An old surfing analogy sums up this potentially damaging scenario.

 “Don’t destroy what you came to enjoy.”


Greenmount, followed the Gold Coast Highway past Kirra, checked the sand at Currumbin and sampled Burleigh’s treasures. We can’t have a light rail on the way of World Class Surf.

Stay tuned for SOSGC further studies and updates.