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Save Our Southern Gold Coast mission statement, objectives, and vision.

Five main objectives & ten reasons to oppose Light Rail.

SOSBA is a non- for-profit volunteer organisation branding itself as voice of reason with information based on researched evidence and data from a highly qualified academic committee made up of Environmental scientists, Economic doctorates, Indigenous Leaders, Engineers, Town Planners and IT & social media influencers, business advisers and community leaders.

SOSGC Mission Statement is Building resilience in a rapidly changing environment.

Presenting the State Government, Council, and the public with better modern methods of public transport based on factual evidence and data for appropriate development and a sustainable future.

Our three main objectives are:

1. Stopping the Light Rail on the Southern Gold Coast highway in preference to modern technology such as solar electric and hydrogen buses that will service and connect both community and business.

2. Preserve and protect Environment, Cultural Heritage and natural attributes that are uniquely Southern Gold Coast which attract tourism and maintain the Community spirit.

3. Convince both Federal and State Government to invest in the continuation of the heavy rail on the M1 from Varsity to the Airport.

4. By advocating to the State Government and Council to adopt modern public bus transport on the Southern Gold Coast Highway rather than light rail and push for the continuation of the Heavy Rail from Varsity to the Airport on the M1 stating there is no need for a Light Rail corridor from Burleigh to Coolangatta.

5. Save the cost, save the environment, save the social impact by adopting these clear-cut objectives to pave the way for a better Southern Gold Coast future by reinvesting in a better plan of beautification, more bikeways, pathways, eco and foot bridges for healthier impact on carbon footprint.  

Reasons we object to the Light Rail on Southern Gold Coast Highway:

1. Environmental devastation of Burleigh Headland and impact of wildlife due to 12 metre cut from Burleigh Headland to Tallebudgera and the visual impact.

2. Cultural and Heritage impact on Jellurgal and the sacred sites of Tallebudgera Creek and 5,000-year-old fish traps.

3. Construction of extra bridge on Tallebudgera Creek for Light Rail East of existing Tallebudgera Bridge causing environmental damage, destroying marine habitat and resumption of property.

4. Narrowing of Gold Coast Highway at Palm Beach into one lane further adding congestion to Gold Coast highway and creating further traffic on Palm Beach back streets to avoid congestion.

5. Adverse obstruction to existing business on Gold Coast Highway and other Palm Beach business during construction and post light rail without adequate car parks already stretched to the limit.

6. Bankrupt small business not adequately compensated from lack of business during construction. Examples of Southport, Surfers Paradise, and Broadbeach in Stage 1 & 2 of Light Rail construction.

7. Noise pollution for business and residence examples from Southport and Surfers Paradise.

8. Environmental and marine habitat damage to Currumbin Creek and impact on social amenity on both sides of Currumbin Bridge. Evacuation cuts through Currumbin hill and Currumbin/Tugun Hill changing the character and the charm of the natural attraction.

9. Overdevelopment and overcrowding prompted by Light Rail that promotes unsustainable High Rise Density development. 800 metres on either side of light rail allows for no height restrictions on the Town Plan for High Rise development.

10. Sacred sites at Tugun and challenge of Native title.

Rather than commit to the carnage and disruption to the Southern Gold Coast way of life, why not embrace its biodiversity and cultural significance with investment in a beautification program of enhancing more open spaces, encourage modern modes of public transport and cherish what we have and build on that, “not destroy what we came to enjoy.”

This is a better way of doing this at a fraction of the cost.

Stage 1 & 2 of Light Rail lost money and was way under budget. 

Stage 3 is estimated to be $1.2 billion dollars which is slightly less than combined cost of stage 1 &2, but it does not account for blow out costs despite Fed, State & Council funding, and it is still way under budget.

Stage 4 is far more complicated and far more costly that will run into billions of dollars.

There is a better way to connect tourists and locals alike without the added costs and carnage that stage 3 & stage 4 will result in.

Financially the light rail network does not stack up and is not based on participatory numbers, more on KPI’s of its contractors.

The Jacobs report is a glossy marketing brochure lacking detail on important issues and concerns relating to environment, cultural heritage, business disruption, traffic congestion, social amenity and does not justify why there is such a need to build to the route to Coolangatta when there are better transport options for a fraction of the cost. Put bluntly this is not a well thought out plan especially considering the 2032 Olympics where sporting stadiums at Metricon and Carrara likely GC Olympic venues are not connected. Surely considering the 2032 Olympics this would be more of a priority and extending the Heavy Rail on the M1 to link up both Brisbane and Gold Coast Airports. 

Here is the Government and Councils chance to stand up for the Southern Gold Coast which is The Jewel in the Crown of the Coast and learn from the mistakes of the Northern Gold Coast. 

It is not late to reconsider and build a better public transport for all. Retain the Southern Gold Coast in all its charm and natural attraction without uprooting the community and its existing amenity, saving money, and investing in a more sustainable future with its natural appeal.  


New lobbyist community group Save Our Southern Gold Coast joins the fight against the Light Rail advocating modern public transport with hydrogen electric buses and continuation of heavy rail.

A new lobbyist group Save Our Southern Gold Coast (SOSGC) has formed to defeat Stage 4 of the Light Rail from Burleigh to Coolangatta and recommend Hydrogen Electric buses such as currently used in Nevada, California and pushing for the continuation of the Heavy Rail on the M1 from Varsity to the Airport.

Save Our Southern Gold Coast has recruited an expert field of academic environmental and economic advisers together with influential Indigenous leaders, Town Planners and Engineers and will present a solid argument to the Qld State Government and City of Gold Coast that it is not too late to change tracks on Stage 4 of the Light Rail from Burleigh to Coolangatta in preference for a modern and sustainable public transport alternative.

 President of SOSGC Kath Down aims to persuade the Government that environmental, economic, and social impact of the light rail will be at a heavy cost for the local community and tourists alike.

“There are at least 10 reasons why we oppose the light rail and seek to convince the State Government to rethink Stage 4 and opt for modern modes of public transport such as hydrogen electric buses rather than outdated tram technology,” said the former secretary of STAR (Southern Transport Alternatives Routes. 

“We needed to make a clear choice on the modes of public transport over light rail based on factual information and researched data, than design alternate light rail routes that don’t properly connect. Using modern public transport and continue the extension of the heavy rail is our clear-cut message,” said the mother of two sons and Palm Beach resident. The highly respected and articulate Community volunteer added. “All the groups fighting this agree on one common cause and that is to oppose the light rail going down the Gold Coast Highway to Coolangatta.”

Ms. Down cites the latest survey from the Federal member of McPhersons office and Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews that 81% of her electorate favored heavy rail over light rail. 

“The MI has been earmarked for the continuation of the Heavy Rail and the TMR have conceded that you can’t have the Heavy Rail and Light Rail together. It would seem obvious to most that heavy rail would offer far greater services including freight and would have a greater benefit to the local economy and tourism.”

The former Marketing and Business manager says light rail will noisier, less disabled friendly and limited for Family needs, create environmental damage at both Burleigh, Tallebudgera and Currumbin with huge cuts in the escarpment and by narrowing the Palm Beach corridor to single lanes which add further congestion on the back streets. 

“Why do this when we should be using modern buses and heavy rail in preference of light rail at a fraction of the cost both financially, environmentally and socially!” 

“Are we prepared to sit back and watch our community and environment get carved up leaving a trail of businesses suffering bankruptcy? “said Down who will plead with the State Government to seriously reconsider the impact of the light rail for the Southern Gold Coast and to abandon stage 4 of the light rail in preference to buses and heavy rail. 

“There are many passionate campaigners who want the same thing and will continue to argue against the stage 4 proposal. SOSGC will remain non-political, talk to both sides, and hope to negotiate with the Government to present our preferred plan that still connects community, business, and tourists alike but without the carnage of stage 4.”

“It’s not too late to drop stage 4 in preference for more modern and sustainable modes of public transport that will effectively connect community and tourists alike and therefore retaining the charm and character of the Southern Gold Coast. We consider this to be the jewel in the crown of our coastal strip. The first round of Community Consultations Sessions will be available of stage 3 & stage 4 of the light rail network from Monday 12th July from 10am at the Tallebudgera Leisure Centre