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Save Our Southern Gold Coast – Acting locally – thinking globally.

The destruction of our world can be represented by its four horsemen, riders symbolising the historical threats of pestilence, war, famine, and death. The unfolding coronavirus pandemic and future pandemics with much higher mortality rates and transmission will occur with our neglect of the environment and destruction of natural ecosystems. Whether today or in the near future, we will suffer inevitably – we must manage better- or live balanced, with our natural environment globally in a sustainable way.

It is 1 minute to midnight on the climate doomsday clock and droughts, bushfires, floods, species extinctions, and storms happen now, and will be more frequent in the future. And let’s not forget sea level rise.

The Southern Gold Coast is in the firing line of all of these disasters as we all know and witnessed. We are cooking our planet and there is a need for urgent action. If we are unable to turn the tide on climate and environmental change, and increasingly we seem to be failing, then we can anticipate the coming changes. If we are unable to mitigate environmental change and over development, then we must prepare to accept disaster.

We are crossing the planet’s boundaries

As we increase our pressure on Earth, we are now crossing irreversible tipping points. According to the latest studies from Stockholm Resilience Center there are 9 planetary boundaries. The stage 4 of the light rail clearly impacts the hydrology, sedimentation and biodiversity of our creeks, it will drastically alter the ecosystem and might push these ecosystems over a “tipping point”, a point of no return.

Instead of contributing to the further destruction of our planet we can do better and work in alignment with nature and our environment.

Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet | Official Trailer | Netflix

Please contact us if you want to help, contributing to the betterment of our southern Gold Coast, our people, our culture and our environment. info@sosgc.org.au